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alexbyrne state champ


SC Scholastic Championships 2018 Results!! Congratulations Alex Byrne!!!

The South Carolina Chess Association held its largest, ever, Scholastic State Championship on Saturday, March 3rd, at the South Carolina State Museum.  The vision to play at the the museum was that of Sam Copland and Strategery, who organized and promoted the event, yielding the highest attendance ever at 249 competitors. 

We extend our sincerest apologies to the High School participants for whom the announcements of final placements were delayed due to a computer malfunction.

Thank you parents and SCSM staff for making this year's tournament such a great success!!!

Special thanks to those volunteers that helped, including: 

Tournament Directors, Daniel Smith and David Causey, in the back office, who managed the pairings. Floor Directors Stu Chagrin and Rade Musulin who managed the Elementary/Middle School Sections.
Mark Webb who assisted with the Elementary/Middle School Sections. Miller Copeland and her crew at the registration desk, including Elizabeth Smith, Susan Key, and Maureen Grimaud.
Maureen Grimaud and her crew at the results desk, including Olga Volkova and Arati Agnihotri. Tournament Directors, Drew Plyler and Clyde Smith, who managed the High School Section.
John who policed the results of the High School Section.
Any others we may have missed.

Congratulations to all our 2018 Champions!!

The Winners are...

*High School*

1 - Alex Byrne (R) (9th grade champion and Denker Representative)
=2 - Michael Burrell (11th grade champion), Alex Moreno (12th grade champion)
=4 - Harsha Srijay, Gunateja Guruvelli (10th grade champion), Brennan Ravan, Victor Ruan, Eli Moore, Richard Sandvoss
=10 - Michael Lucas, Simeon Radev, Christopher Chen, Christopher Shells

Top Female and NGIT Representative - Lefan Xuan
Tori Whatley G.R.I.T. Award Winner and Polgar Invitational Representative - Alexis Williams

1st Team - SC Governor's School of Science and Mathematics
2 - Midlands STEM Institute
=3 - DW Daniel, Hammond

*Middle School*

=1 - Benjamin Webb (Barber Representative), Matthew Johnson, (8th grade champion)

=3 - Connor Liu, Ahan Shi (6th grade champion), Jacob Stoll (7th grade champion), Alex Tabakian, Henri Murthy (6th grade champion), Shreeshiva Raja (6th grade champion), Bradon Schley (7th grade champion), Ethan Ellis (6th grade champion), Helena Bajarias (7th grade champion, top female)

1st Team - RC Edwards
2 - Laing
3 - Dent

*Elementary School*

=1 - Allen Hong (5th grade champion), Caton Tsao (4th grade champion
3 - Eric Shi
=4 William Tabakian, Nikolai Webb, Daniel Hartford, Shafin Ula, Vish Jonnalagadda, Anna Zou (top female), Alesha Dzikowski, William Berger, Jonathan Wei, Mark Newland

1st Team - Clemson Elementary
2 - Green Charter
=3 Charles Pinckney, Hampton Park

*Primary School*

1 - William Howard (3rd grade champion)
2 - Cameron Wheeler
=3 - Aadi Agnihotri (1st grade champion), Bryan Zheng (2nd grade champion), Vishnu Abboy, Eli Howard (1st grade champion), Callum Leys (kindergarten champion)
=8 - Luke Wilson, Nand Jonnalagadda, Zachary Teachman, Hudson Haley

1st Team - Tega Cay
2 - Charles Pinckney
=3 - Conway, East Point Academy


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