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The 2005 South Carolina Scholastic Championships were held at Saluda High School on March 12, 2005. Sixty-six students participated.

Jonathan Fulton of the Governor's School for Science and Mathematics won the high school title with a perfect score. fulton2005 Champion Jonathan Fulton

Team and Individual Results 

Elementary School Overall
1st - Christopher Haas
2nd - Zachary Templeton
3rd - Paul Miller

Elementary School Grade
Kindergarten - not awarded
1st Grade - Kevis Tsau
2nd Grade - Shuler Black
3rd Grade - Austin Mix
4th Grade - Adam Lipsitz
5th Grade - Jonathan Sarasua

Elementary School Team
1st team - Clemson Elementary
2nd team - Mason Prep
3rd team - Beaufort Academy

Middle School Overall
1st - Stephen Nelson
2nd - Michael Lauria
3rd - David Europe 

Middle School Grade
6th Grade - David Ross
7th Grade - Maranda Bing
8th Grade - Rade Musulin

Middle School Team
1st team - R.C. Edwards Middle
2nd team - Well Branch Middle
3rd team - Robert Smalls Middle

High School Overall
1st Place - Jonathan Fulton
2nd Place - Daniel McEachern
3rd Place - Paul Copeland

High School Grade
9th Grade - Joe Miller
10th Grade - Lee Nevitt
11th Grade - Russell Walker
12th Grade - Sebastian Zhang

High School Team
1st team - Governor's School 
2nd team - not awarded
3rd team - not awarded