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The 2006 South Carolina Scholastic Championships were held on Hilton Head Island on March 4, 2006. Ninety-nine students participated.

The highest rated player in the event, Matt Shuler of Pinewood Prep, won the high school title with a 4.5 score.

Team and Individual Results

Top High School Team - Governor's School of Science and Mathematics, Hartsville, SC shuler2006 Champion Matt Schuler

High School
1st place - Matthew Shuler (Pinewood Prep)
2nd place - Rade Musulin (Heritage Acad.)
3rd place - Adam Fogle (GSSM)

12th grade - Tom Rogan (GSSM)
11th grade - David Harrison (GSSM)
10th grade - Joe Miller (Heritage Acad.)
9th grade - Guy Henry (Beaufort HS)

Top Middle School Team - RC Edwards MS, Clemson, SC

Middle School
1st place - Zachary Templeton (RC Edwards MS)
2nd place - Arjun Grover (RC Edwards MS)
3rd place - Kenzie Moore (RC Edwards MS)

8th grade - Michael Lauria (RC Edwards MS)
7th grade - Lawrence Carson (Beaufort MS)
6th grade - Jonathan Sarasua (RC Edwards MS)

Top Elementary School - Mason Prep, Charleston, SC

Elementary School
1st place - Paul Miller (Mason Prep)
2nd place - Ben Crawford (Home)
3rd place - Eric K. Cheng (Ben Lipen)

5th grade - Adam Lipsitz (Mossy Oaks ES)
4th grade - Daniel Brown (Home)
3rd grade - William Meyer (Home)