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lauria2008 Champion Micheal LauriaThe 2008 Scholastic Championships were held on March 8 at the Samuel A. Heyward Career & Technology Center in Columbia, South Carolina. One hundred eight students participated.

Michael Lauria won the High School championship title with a perfect score. Arjun Grover won the Middle School title, and Kevis Tsao took home the Elementary title, both with perfect scores.

D. W. Daniels High School First Place Team - High School   
Michael Lauria First Place - High School  
Daniel Dodds Second Place - High School awarded by tie-break (4-way tie)
Rade Musulin Third Place - High School awarded by tie-break (4-way tie)
Lintu Ramachandran First 12th Grade  
Joe Austin First 11th Grade  
Daneil McEachern First 10th Grade  
Emmett Harcum First 9th Grade

R. C. Edwards Middle School First Place Team - Middle School  
Arjun Grover First Place - Middle School  
John Custer Second Place - Middle School  
Zachary Templeton Third Place - Middle School awarded by tie-break (6-way tie)
Jonathan Surasua First 8th Grade  
Daniel Lee First 7th Grade  
Hannah Whatley First 6th Grade

Clemson Elementary First Place Team - Elementary School  
Kevis Tsaw First Place - Elementary School  
Daniel Custer Second Place - Elementary School awarded by tie-break (3-way tie)
Eric Cheng Third Place - Elementary School awarded by tie-break (3-way tie)
Vijay Mishra First 5th Grade  
Mowei Tang First 4th Grade  
Erik Anderson First 3rd Grade  
Dru White First 2nd Grade  
Aakash Reddy First 1st Grade  
Kevin Rogers First Kindergarten.