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2012 Scholastic Championships

The South Carolina Scholastic Championships were held in Columbia at the Samuel A. Heyward Career & Technology Center on Saturday, February 25. One-hundred seventeen students competed.


Zachary Templeton, a senior from D.W. Daniel High School in Central, South Carolina, won the high school title with a perfect score.  Zachary shared the title last year in a five-way tie.  Daniel Caiello won the second place trophy, and his brother Benjamin Caiello took home the third place trophy.

Zachary is eligible to represent South Carolina in the Denker National Tournament of High School Champions in Vancouver, Washington in August. templeton2012 High School Champion Zachary Templeton

Hannah "Tori" Whatley was the top scoring female and is eligible to participate in the Susan Polgar National Invitational this summer.

High School Grade Champions:
12th grade: Arjun Grover, D.W. Daniel High School
11th grade: Morgan Wang, D.W. Daniel High School
10th grade: Forrest Wang, D.W. Daniel High School
9th grade: John Armstrong, IV, Saint Joseph Catholic School

D.W. Daniel High School won the team trophy, thereby winning its fifth consecutive team championship.


Kevis Tsao of R.C. Edwards Middle School won the middle school title, scoring a perfect 5.0. Kevis will repeat as the South Carolina representative to the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions. Chris Hoogenboom won the second place trophy, scoring 4.0.  Neha Dias of Saint Joseph Catholic School won the third place trophy, also scoring 4.0.

2012 Scholastic Championships

Middle School Grade Champions:
8th grade: Roger Wilson, R.C. Edwards Middle School
7th grade: Perry Fleming, Bamberg Middle School
6th grade: Simeon Radev, Bamberg Middle School

St. Joseph's Catholic School (Greenville) and R.C. Edwards Middle School (Clemson) tied for the Middle School team championship, each with 14.0 points.  St. Joseph's Catholic School won the team trophy on tiebreaks.


Aidan Fejzulai won the elementary school 4-5 title with a 4.5 score.  Chris Aluri of Midway Elementary School won the second place trophy.  Aditya Dias of Sterling Elementary won the third place trophy, scoring 4.0.

Elementary School 4-5 Grade Champions:
5th grade: Kristopher Luo, Clemson Elementary School
4th grade: Christie Tran, Mason Preparatory School


Kevin Rogers of Beaufort Academy won the elementary school K-3 title with a 4.5 score.  Yutong Cao of Clemson Elementary School won the second place trophy.  Jackson Brewer took home the third place trophy.

Elementary School K-3 Grade Champions:
3rd grade: Luke Wacker, Prince of Peace Catholic School
2d grade: Samuel Marrero
1st grade: Brady Setser
Kindergarten: Whit Suber, Beaufort Academy.

Clemson Elementary and Beaufort Academy tied with 13.5 points each for the Elementary School team championship, with Clemson Elementary winning the trophy on tiebreaks.

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