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South Carolina Chess Association Constitution

Article I: Purpose

The South Carolina Chess Association, hereinafter abbreviated as SCCA, is an organization of persons interested in furthering the enjoyment of chess in South Carolina. It is recognized by the United States Chess Federation as the state affiliate chapter for South Carolina.

Article II: Membership

A. A person may become a member of the SCCA by paying the authorized dues. Membership privileges begin when an elected officer, or member of the Membership Committee, certifies that dues have been received by issuing a signed membership card. Unless otherwise determined by action of a Membership Meeting, memberships shall be for one year or an integral number of years, and such membership shall terminate in the year indicated at the end of the calendar month preceding the calendar month in which it began.

B. Membership rights shall include the following: (1) The right to vote in SCCA elections, and the right to hold SCCA elective office; (2) The right to participate and vote in membership meetings; (3) The right to receive the SCCA periodical; (4) The right to participate in state championships, provided other eligibility requirements are met; (5) Other rights that may be established by the SCCA.

C. Membership dues are determined by Membership Meetings. Different dues may be established for different classes of members, but all members enjoy all rights of membership.

Article III: Membership Meetings

A. The Annual Membership Meeting shall occur each year at the site and during the time of the South Carolina State Championship Tournament. All SCCA members shall be notified of the time of that meeting.

B. Special Membership Meetings may be called by any three elected officers in writing, or upon written petition of at least ten per cent of all current SCCA members. All SCCA members must be mailed notice of Special Membership Meetings at least 21 days before that meeting, at their mailing address of record.

C. Actions taken at any Membership Meeting determine SCCA policy, provided that they do not contradict the SCCA Constitution.

D. A quorum at any Membership Meeting shall be 20 SCCA members, or at least ten percent of current SCCA members, whichever is smaller. No proxies are permitted.

Article IV: Officers

A. The SCCA has the following elected officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The term of each elected office shall commence at the end of each Annual Membership Meeting, and shall end at the end of the next Annual Membership Meeting.

B. The elected officers have the following duties:

(1) The President is responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Constitution and the policies established at Membership Meetings. He/she presides over the Membership Meeting.

(2) The Vice-President assumes the duties of the President whenever the President is unable to carry them out. If the President has failed to exercise a specific duty in a timely manner due to emergency, inaccessibility, or negligence, the Vice-President may exercise that duty, provided that the Secretary and the Treasurer concur.

(3) The Secretary maintains records of all SCCA members, including the dates of their memberships and their mailing addresses. The Secretary maintains the official minutes of the Membership Meetings. The Secretary mails all items required to be mailed to the members.

(4) The Treasurer deposits all money paid to the SCCA, and pays all debts incurred by the SCCA. The Treasurer maintains full records of all SCCA financial transactions, and makes such records available to all SCCA members through the SCCA periodical, at the Membership Meetings, and upon request.

C. Election of officers occurs at the Annual Membership Meeting. The President shall appoint before that meeting a nominating committee composed of five SCCA members who do not currently hold elective office. As far as possible the committee members should reside in different areas of the state. The nominating committee shall present a list of nominees for the elected officers at the Annual Membership Meeting. Any SCCA member may make additional nominations. which shall be valid if seconded by two other SCCA members. The members of the SCCA present at the meeting shall vote, and a plurality shall elect.

D. If the President's office becomes vacant, it shall be filled by the Vice-President for the remainder of that term. A vacancy in any other office shall be filled by an appointment by the President. A vacancy in an elected office occurs if the officer dies, resigns, refuses to renew his SCCA membership, or is removed from office. An elected officer may be removed only by a unanimous vote of the other three elected officers, or by majority vote of a Special Membership Meeting, if the officer becomes unable or unwilling to carry out the duties of the office properly, or acts in a manner detrimental to the purpose and polices of the SCCA.

E. The President shall appoint an Editor for the SCCA periodical. The President may appoint other officers and committees to further the purpose and policies of the SCCA. The President shall appoint members of the Membership Committee, and may issue signed membership cards. All persons appointed in accordance with this section may be removed by the President.

F. The President is responsible for assuring that the SCCA's responsibilities as a state Affiliate within the USCF are carried out. The President may not contradict the decisions of a Membership Meeting.  The SCCA Membership Meeting shall elect the Delegates and Alternate Delegates for South Carolina, consistently with USCF Bylaws. If vacancies occur in these positions between Membership Meetings, the President shall have authority to fill these vacancies, consistently with USCF Bylaws.

Article V: Activities

A. The SCCA shall publish a periodical containing news of South Carolina chess, and other material of interest to SCCA members. The frequency and content of this periodical shall be determined by the President and Editor, unless otherwise mandated by the Membership Meetings.

B. The SCCA shall hold a tournament for the South Carolina State Championship each year. The tournament shall, if possible, be held in October, or as near to October as practicable.

C. The SCCA may hold competition for South Carolina Championships in special categories, such as scholastic chess or correspondence chess, if mandated by Membership Meetings, or arranged by the President. The SCCA may organize other tournaments such as a South Carolina Open, if sanctioned by the President or by Membership Meetings.

D. The SCCA may arrange any other activity to further chess in South Carolina.

Article VI: Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by two-thirds of members present and voting at a Membership Meeting.