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  • South Carolina Open 2016 Results! L - Open section winners battle over the board in Round 2! Mark Biernacki (2nd place) vs Kevin Wang (1st place) C - Tournament Hall - SC Open 2016; R - Xiaodong Jin vs Michael Burrell (round 2)
  • Midlands Girl's Tournament Results! Left - K-5 Winner Olivia Watkins awaits K-12 winner Neah Dias' next move in Simul; Center - McKenzie England 2nd Place K-12 and SC Girls representative 2016!; Right - 2nd Place Team Trophy goes to Knights of the Square Table
  • Midlands Scholastic Chess League V! (L) Trophy Table, (C) 48 Players attend MSCL V! (R) Ben Yordy K-12 Champ!
  • SC Senior Open 2016! Left - First Place Trophy! Congrats to Life Master Klaus Pohl!!; Center - Bob Halliday vs Kevin Hyde, Round 2; Right - LM Klaus Pohl vs Jeff Pennig, Round 2
  • (Left) Kevis Tsao - SC Scholastic Champion for 2016!! (Center) SC Scholastic Championship Tournament 2016 sets new attendance record! (Right) Neha Dias - Top Female player for 2016 and receiver of the Whatley Scholarship for Female Chess Excellence!

South Carolina Open 2016 Results! June 17-19

K Wang 1st placeForty-two contenders of all ages from Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and of course South Carolina convened at the Hilton Garden Inn in Greenville to dispute the usual eternal questions:  materialism vs. freedom, structure vs. opportunity, simplification vs. complication, attack vs. defense, order vs. chaos, all in the great quest to trap the other fellow’s King!
The top score in the Open Section came from Kevin Wang of Georgia. Kevin became this year's SC Open Champion besting all others with 4.0/5.0 points! Congratulations Kevin! (shown right w/ Gene Nix), Mark Biernacki came in second with (3.5), followed by Forest Chen (3.5), Life Master Klaus Pohl (3.0), Mike Anderson (3.0) and Peter Michelman (3.0), while Tim Rankin’s 3.0 took the U2000 prize.  As a matter of human interest, Tim Rankin demonstrated yet again that holding the theoretical draw in R&P endings needs very little time, and he must hold an accumulated record for the number of moves played in one delayed second.
Xiaodong Jin and Matt Mayhew shared top honors in the U1800 section with 4.0 each, while Jayashree Sekar and Michael Burrell and Bob Mahan and Harsha Srijay each scored 3.0, thereby dividing third place and the U1600 prize.
Alex Moreno and Venkata Guruvelli each scored 4.0 in the U1400 group, followed by Marcus Benjamin and Arjun Rawal at 3.5 to close out third place and the U1200 prize.
Drew Plyler most capably operated the display at board 1 and assisted energetically as TD, and SCCA President David Grimaud showed his support with a visit Friday and Saturday. Gene Nix organized and directed. Warm thanks to the attentive and responsive hotel staff of the Hilton Garden Inn, a great place to hold a chess tournament!  And those eternal questions?  Deferred to the next tournament.

Gene Nix
Greenville Chess Club President

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Remembering IM Dr. Danny Kopec

I was sad to hear that a good friend, Danny Kopec, passed away last week.  An international master and a professor of computer science at Brooklyn College, Danny IM Dr Danny Kopecwas a great friend and supporter of South Carolina Chess. Unfortunately, and to my own distress, I had missed speaking with Danny for a couple of years.  When I last spoke to him in 2014, he was optimistic about his recovery from a cancer of the pancreas.  Unfortunately, and as I understand from other friends, there was a recurrence of the cancer.  However, Danny remained optimistic to the very end—typical of him—intending to direct his Vermont chess camp that he had scheduled for this July.  I am told that the camp will continue with another friend and supporter of South Carolina chess, GM Lubomir Ftacnik, instructing at that camp.  (GM Ftacnik will be visiting South Carolina July 18 - 21.  Watch this site for details)

I first met Danny as a camper at one of his chess camps in Lawrenceville, NJ, in July of 2003.  My son, Geoff, had found my old chess set and analog clock in the file cabinet, bringing me out of a 25 year hiatus from active chess. After playing in the Tampa Open (where coincidentally I played and lost to “now GM” Ray Robson in the Class C section), Geoff and I looked for chess camps online and found that “IM Dr. Danny Kopec” was offering a two week camp at the Lawrenceville School, a beautiful, boarding school in the shadow of Princeton University.

As we arrived for registration at the Lawrenceville School, I was surprised to find IM Dr. Kopec personally greeting and enrolling the campers.  He was not the pretentious, prima donna I expected to find given his impressive titles, both as a chess player and an expert in computer science and artificial intelligence.  Rather, he was quite friendly, even charismatic.  We hit it off immediately.  This would begin a relationship that would bring IM Kopec to South Carolina a half dozen times over the years for lectures, simultaneous exhibitions, and tournament participation.  He made many friends here.

Danny loved promoting the game of chess more than anything.  He also had a great heart for young people learning the game, especially those from deprived backgrounds.  There was more than one student who received personal advice and a free scholarship from Danny to attend his camps which were very expensive to operate.  As far as I am concerned, Danny’s concern and care for these young people was his real gift to both chess and humanity.

Rest assured, Danny, that you will be remembered fondly in South Carolina.

David Grimaud
South Carolina Chess Association


Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik to visit local chess clubs for Lecture and Simul!

Our old friend Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik will be coming to South Carolina the week of July 18-22! GM Ftacnik will be giving a lecture lubo 1followed by a simultaneous exhibition at local chess clubs in Greenville, Charleston, and Columbia. See below for more info. GM Ftacnik's lectures are always interesting and Adults/Kids will have an opportunity to play against him during the simul exhibition! We ask for a contribution from all adult players playing in the simul (proceeds will go towards scholastic chess). Please bring your chess set and board if you plan to play against GM Ftacnik in the simul. Don't miss this opportunity to play against a Grandmaster!! Special thanks to Precision Tune Auto Care for sponsoring the tour! 
Tues. 7/19 @ 6-9pm Greenville (special club meeting @ Brew & Ewe - Coffee Shop)
Wed. 7/20 @ 7PM - Charleston Chess Club
Thurs. 7/21 @ 7PM - Columbia Chess Club


Midlands Girl's Tournament Results! May 28th

Olivia Watkins scored 3.5/4, achieving the highest score in the Midlands Girls' Tournament and claiming first place K-5! Neha Dias, SC's highest rated female, scored 3.0/4 and claimed top K-12 honors. The sensation of the event was Olivia Watkins catching Neha in a trap when Neha captured a hanging piece, but allowed mate in two. Full awards are as follows.

1st K-12: Neha Dias | 2nd K-12: McKenzie England
1st K-8: Delany Ratcliff | 2nd K-8: Lillian Redmond
1st K-5: Olivia Watkins | 2nd K-5: Ally Gordon

1st Place Team: Byrd Elementary
2nd Place Team: Knights of the Square Table

Eight players played in the event including two first time USCF players. To our knowledge, this is the most girls that have played in a single tournament in Columbia outside of the SC state scholastic championships. That is, of course, both encouraging and a call to action

After the event, Neha Dias played six players in a clock simul. She won all six games. The last to succumb was Olivia Watkins as the specter of a bishop and knight mate hovered in the air.

We look forward to hosting the event again next year. Thanks enormously to Nisha Dias for representing the USCF Women's Committee and to Maureen Grimaud for help in promoting the event!

NM Sam Copeland - Strategery Chess & Games

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McKenzie England to Compete in National Girls Tournament!

Neha Dias (2016 Female State Scholastic Champion) will unfortunately not be able to attend this year's National Girls Tournament of Champions (formerly: National Girls Invitational Tournament) held in July in Indianapolis. However, McKenzie England (2016 Female State Scholastic Runner-up) has accepted the challenge and will be representing our state in Neha's absence. Congratulations McKenzie!!!

To help McKenzie with expenses click here.


Midlands Scholastic Chess League V Results!

Forty eight players met at Pelion High School on Saturday, May 14th to fight for top honors in the last MSCL event of the school year. Thanks to Daniel Smith, and EC Setser for assisting with direction and to the parents and coaches who support their chess players! Special thanks to NM Sam Copeland & Strategery Chess and Games for making the Midlands Scholastic Chess League series such a success!! Tournament winners...

K-5 - 1st: Ethan Ellis 4.0/4!, 2nd: Parijat Majumdar, Daryl Dowty, Thomas Hydorn, and Marcial Valdivia all with 3.0/4.

K-8 - 1st: Dawson Coutsos & Gibson Ward both with 3.0/4! 3rd: Ethan Maldonado, 4th: Katie Maldonado, 5th: William Nettle.
1st Place Team K-8: Chapin Intermediate School

K-12 - 1st: Ben Yordy 4.0/4, 2nd: Brady Setser and Jericho Ho 3.5/4, 4th: Gunatej Guruvelli, Daniel Spicer, and Tyrese Smalls each with 3.0/4.
1st Place Team K-12: Pelion High School

Marshall Jaco and Ethan Harder each shared Best Debut. Erica Smith won Top Female. Dawson Coutsos and Tyrese Smalls won Best Upset, and Daryl Dowty claimed our Raw Recruit award for being the youngest participant!

In the Adult Section, first place went to Daryl Dowty Sr. with a perfect 3.0/3 performance! Thanks to all our competitors, parents, coaches, and other supporters for making this a great season. We look forward to resuming next school year and hope you have a great summer!

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8th Annual South Carolina Senior Open Results! May 14-15

Twenty-five elder fighters from South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee converged on the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Greenville, SC, to resolve the matter of senior dominance at the chess board. Accelerated pairings left only four perfect scores going into the Sunday rounds, and after sitting next to each other on boards one and two all weekend, Masters Klaus Pohl and Randal Ferguson settled the question in round four in an exciting duel that kept the TD studying tie-break scenarios until Klaus took over the position. So, Life Master Klaus Pohl took first place with 4-0; Expert Mike Anderson was second with 3.5 points; Gary Newsom and Ralph Lombard shared third-fourth with 3 points; National TD Kevin Hyde’s 3-1 took top honors for the Under-1600 prize, and Harold Zeltner won second Under-1600 with two points. We had some new faces, so to speak, with Father Jeffrey Kendall of Round O, SC, and Joe Page of Morrisville, NC, playing in their first rated tournament - welcome to the fray!. Special thanks to Kevin Hyde for sharing his expertise on several finer points of tournament direction. Local TD Gene Nix officiated.

Gene Nix
Greenville Chess Club President

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Midlands Scholastic Chess League IV Results!

In possibly our most competitive tournament yet, we had 40 of the Midlands best and brightest chess players compete across three sections. Thanks to Rade Musulin and Daniel Smith for assisting with direction and to the parents and coaches who support their chess players!

K-5 - 1st: Gibson Ward, 2nd: Will Edwards, 3rd: Henri Murthy, Jonathon Williams, and Conner Brown
1st Place Team K-5: Harbison West,  2nd Place Team K-5: Byrd and Lake Murray

K-8 - 1st: Dawson Coutsos, 2nd: William Nettles, 1st Place Team K-8: Chapin Intermediate

K-12 - 1st: Ravitej Guruvelli, 2nd: Gunateja Guruvelli, Paul Pena, Kenneth Jackson, and Alejandro Rivera

New individual prizes were claimed by...
Top Female: Olivia Watkins
Best Debut: Michael Kuckuka
Biggest Upset: Jonathon Williams (Over Calvin Smith for 387 points)
Youngest Participant: Blake Watkins

In the Adult section, James MacDougall claimed first with a perfect score. Michael Mayfield took second and Charles Stevenson and Truman Price shared third.

Thanks to all, and we hope to see you again on May 14th for the MSCL V at Pelion High School!

NM Sam Copeland
Strategery Chess & Games

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Kevis Tsao 2016 State Scholastic Champ! Growing Tournament Breaks More Records! Results...

On Saturday, February 27th 2016, young aspiring chess hopefuls from throughout the state converged on Charles Pinckney Elementary School for this year's SC State Scholastic Championship Tournament in Mt. Pleasant SC. 242 players, the most in the tournament history, brought their "A" games to compete for trophies, higher ratings, and the respect of their peers! After five rounds of play, Kevis Tsao's emerged the clear winner with a perfect 5.0 score in the high school section making him South Carolina State High School Scholastic Champion of 2016!!! Congratulations Kevis!!! Kevis will be representing our State in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions later this year. Congratulations also to Neha Dias!! Neha won both the top female trophy and 2016 Whatley Scholarship Award for Female Chess Exellence! Neha will also be representing our State in the 2016 National Girl’s Tournament of Champions! Connor Liu won the middle school section and will be attending the Barber Tournament of K8 Champions! Congratulations Connor!! Thank you parents, organizers, and staff for making this year's tournament such a great success!! Special thanks to the NM Sam Copeland (Strategery Chess & Games) and FM Mike Klein ( for providing chess services, demonstrations, and training! Here are this year's winners..

2016 Trophy Winners...
HIGH SCHOOL SECTION: (1st) Kevis Tsao 5.0, (2nd) Caleb Hylkema 4.0, (3rd) Michael Burrell 4.0, (4th) Jonathan Tan 4.0, (5th) Alexander Mareno 4.0, (6th) Aiden Fujzulai 3.5, (7th) Paul Pena 3.5, (8th) Daniel Custer 3.5, (9th) Jericho Ho 3.0, (10th) Benjamin Wyant 3.0
Neha Dias 3.5 - Top Female

MIDDLE SCHOOL SECTION 6-8: (1st) Connor Liu 5.0, (2nd) Gunateja Guruvelli 5.0, (3rd) Joshua Vid Gataric 4.0, (4th) Raviteja Guruvelli 4.0, (5th) Sairam J. Ramesh 4.0, (6th) Aditya Dias 4.0, (7th) Daniel Sobel 4.0, (8th) Matthew Johnson 4.0, (9th) Sam Stalnaker 4.0, (10th) Braeden Reed 3.5
Rebekah Jensen 3.0  - Top Female

ELEMENTARY SECTION  4-5: (1st) Ahan Shi  5.0, (2nd) Alex Tabakian 5.0, (3rd) Pierson Tran 4.5, (4th) Sanjay Kum Ramesh 4.0, (5th) Jace Kraftchick 4.0, (6th) Henri Murthy 4.0, (7th) Brady Setser 4.0, (8th) James Sarasua 4.0, (9th) Whit Suber Jr 4.0, (10th) Paulo Hitopoules 4.0
Siena Boccabella 4.0 - Top Female

ELEMENTARY SECTION K-3: (1st) William Tabakian 5.0, (2nd) Robert Ale Hylton 5.0, (3rd) Allen Hong 4.0, (4th) Agustin Ma Rivero 4.0, (5th) Finn Hayes 4.0, (6th) Benja Williams Jr 4.0, (7th) Anderson Berger 4.0, (8th) Thomas Nguyen 3.5, (9th) Anika El Yamamoto 3.5, (10th) Tyler Kraftchick 3.5
Olivia Watkins 4.0 - Top Female

High School 9-12: (1st)  D.W. Daniel High School, Clemson, SC  15.5pts.
Runner-up Pelion High School, Pelion, SC  12.0pts.
Middle School 6-8: (1st) R.C. Edwards Middle School, Clemson, SC  14.0pts  
Runner-up  Laing Middle School, Mt. Pleasant, SC  13.5pts.
Elementary School 4-5: (1st)  Pinckney Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant, SC  17.0pts.
Runner-up  Clemson Elementary School, Clemson, SC  16.5pts.
Primary School K-3: (1st)  Pinckney Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant, SC  15.5pts.
Runner-up Porter-Guad School, Charleston, SC   13.5pts.


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GSSM February Open Results!

Twenty players contested the GSSM February Open in Hartsville on Feb. 20.  Randy Mosteller of Elloree defended Board One against several stern challenges and won clear first at 4.5, yielding only a fifth-round draw to Jordan Anderson of Columbia.  Mike Lafer of Florence and Tony Cato of Pageland shared second place at 4.0, each losing only to Randy.  In addition to serving as chief TD, Jordan, a 2008 graduate of GSSM, finished in clear fourth place with 3.5.


Dr. Clyde Smith, S. C. Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics


Midlands Scholastic Chess League III Results! Highest Attendance in League Series!

Sixty-one talented young players turned out for the Midland Scholastic Chess League III tournament on Saturday, February 6th, 2016. The event, held at at North Trenholm Baptist Church in Columbia, once again broke new attendance records for the series!!!  Congratulations to all of the students who participated and thanks to all the parents and coaches who support scholastic chess in Columbia! The top finishers are as follows...
1st Individual K-12 - Paul Daniel Pena
1st Individual K-8 - Daniel Sobel
1st Individual K-5 Messiah Cornelius
1st Team K-12 - Charles Pinckney Elementary and Pelion High School tied with CPE having the better tiebreak.
1st Team K-8 - Pleasant Hill Middle School
1st Team K-5 - Midlands STEM Institute.

Congratulations to McKenzie England, Jericho Ho, Omar Hamdan, Blake Lawson, Daniel Sobel, Kevin Reeves, Messiah Cornelius, Matty Ferrario, Katie Maldonado, and Taylor Hollis on being projected to gain more than 100 rating points! We hope to see you at the SC State Scholastic Championships on February 27th in Charleston, SC! Our next tournament will be April 9th at Ashland United Methodist Church; registration will be available this week!

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USC Chess Team to Compete in 2015 Pan Am Intercollegiate Chess Championship!

LogosGo Gamecocks!!! The University of South Carolina Chess Team will be traveling to Ohio to compete in this year's prestigious 2015 Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship (also known as the World series of college chess). The 6-round, 4 person team tournament will take place at the Sheraton Cleveland Airport hotel December 27th through 30th. The top four winning colleges will then move on to play in the President's Cup in March. Chess team members representing USC this year will be: 1. Benjamin Peter Caiello (2014 Scholastic State Champion),  2. Rade Robert Musulin (former Scholastic State Champion and graduate student),  3. Robert Richard Vandermolen (graduate student), and 4. Jaree Marenda Hudson (graduate student). USC's Chess Club President is Ameed Elqadi with Dr. Edsel Peña as Faculty Advisor. International Master Dr. Alexander Matros will likely act as consultant. Elijah Neumann will be attending and observing the event along with SCCA President David Grimaud. Special thanks to Precision Tune Auto Care for sponsoring this year's Gamecock team!!

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Midlands Scholastic Chess League II Results!

Congratulations to the 50 talented chess players that came out to do battle in the Midlands Scholastic Chess League II. Congrats especially to the Charleston and Colleton contigent that turned up in force despite the long drive and performed excellently. Kenneth Jackson, Daniel Spicer, and Henri Murthy each went undefeated in the K-12, K-8, and K-5 sections respectively. In the team categories, Pelion High came back in force after an upset last tournament. They collected 10 of 12 points and easily won first place. Pleasant Hill Middle School and Harbison West Elementary claimed the K-8 and K-5 team sections.

In the "Old Kids" section, Andrew Spicer, Matthew Miller, and Ed Bowling each scored 2/3 and shared first place. That meant that the father/son team of Daniel and Andrew Spicer won 2 of the day's 4 sections.

Congrats especially to Kenneth Jackson on breaking 1000. Although Pelion has won the team section many times, and has had many players share second previously, this is the first time a Pelion member has claimed an individual first. Congrats!    ~NM Samuel Copeland

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GSSM November Open Results! Columbia came, Columbia saw, Columbia conquered!

Twenty-one players assembled at the Governor's School for Science and Math (GSSM) in Hartsville on November 21 for the five-round GSSM November Open. Gil Holmes of Columbia earned clear first place, skillfully navigating some tricky endgames along the way to 5.0. Bob Halliday and GSSM junior Lam Nguyen, both of Columbia, shared second place at 4.0. Bob lost only to Gil, in one of those problematic endgames. Although an experienced player, Lam garnered the Best Unrated trophy for his superb performance in his first USCF tournament, losing only to Bob. The trophy for Biggest Upset went to Ben Yordy of Pelion, who downed Johnnie Trotter of Darlington despite a difference of 513 in ratings. Hank Koszarsky of Florence finished clear fourth at 3.5.

GSSM alum Jordan Anderson (c/o '08) of Columbia served as Chief Tournament Director, with GSSM senior Selen Berkman of Greenville as Assistant Tournament Director in her TD debut.

Dr. Clyde Smith, Physics Teacher
S. C. Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics




Midlands Scholastic Chess League I Results!

Congratulations to Ethan Ellis, Eli Moore and Daniel Sobel! 1st), Alex Hylton, and Daryl Dowty on their respective victories in the K-5, K-8, K-12, and Adult sections at the Midlands Scholastic Chess League I! Midlands STEM Institute took 1st place team honors in both K-5 and K-8 while Lake Marion High claimed their first team victory in K-12 over the hometown favorites Pelion High School! 45 players turned out for the four round event at Pelion High School including 14 first time USCF members! This was the first event in which we had enough middle school students to compose their own section. Thanks to all the players, coaches, parents, and PHS persons for supporting the event! We hope to see you at the MSCL II on Saturday, December 12th at North Trenholm Baptist Church.
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South Carolina State Championship Results! Klaus Pohl State Champion, Abhimany Banerjee Wins Tournament!

Congratulations to Lifetime National Chess Master Klaus Pohl (R) on being named 2015 South Carolina State Champion!! Klaus, a thirteen Klaus Pohl
time SC State Champion and Original Life Master, finished the tournament with 4.0 pts. drawing in the fifth and final round against young talented Florida native Abhimany Banerjee. Abhimany came in first place overall with 4.5 points. This year's thirty player, three-section, five-round, championship event took place over the weekend Oct. 30-Nov. at the Hilton Garden Inn in Columbia, SC. New to this year’s tournament, Junior and Senior trophies were added to give players more chances to win. Also, handheld notation devices (provided by Strategery Chess and Games) were given out to various players so their moves could be uploaded and followed online via Chesstream. Thank you NM Sam Copeland for your expertise in setting this up! The South Carolina Chess Association would like to thank all players and spectators who helped make this year’s tournament a success! Special thanks to David Causey and Zach Darga for organizing and directing the event!

Congratulations again to all of our 2015 Winners!

OPEN SECTION: (1st) Abhimany Banerjee (FL) 4.5 pts.; (2nd) LM Klaus Pohl (SC) 4.0 pts.(T); (3rd) NM Samuel Copeland (SC) 3.5 pts.(T)
U2200: (5th-7th tie) CM Keith Eubanks (SC) 2.5 pts.(T); NM Wayne Christensen (SC) 2.5 pts.; Edsel Pena (SC) 2.5 pts.
U2000: (4th) Elijah Neumann (SC) 3.0 pts.

U1800: (1st) James Qu (SC) 4.0 pts. (JT); (2nd) John Yates (SC) 3.5 pts (T), (3rd) Clark Brown (GA) 3.5 pts. (4th) Mike Eberhardinger 3.0 pts. (NC)
(6th) John Roberts (SC) 2.0 pts.
U1600: (5th) Gil Padilla Ortiz 2.5 pts (T), (7th) Gunatej Guruvelli 2.0 pts. (JT)

U1400: (1st) Venkata Guruvelli (SC) 4.0 pts.(T); (2nd) Paul Pena 3.5 pts. (SC) (JT); (3rd) Mike Mayfield (SC) 3.0 pts (T); (4th) Ravitej Guruvelli (SC) 2.5 pts. (JT) (5th) Lee Marinelli (SC) (ST)
U1000: (6th) Robert Webb III (SC) 3.0 pts. (JT)

Photos, Crosstables, Chesstream, Board 1 Games - See below (Click  ...  to see game list).


Greenville Scholastic Open Results!

Forty-four future chess masters, including seventeen competing in their first rated tournament, converged on Eastlan gso round 4Baptist Church in Greenville last Saturday (Oct. 24) to open files, promote pawns, and hunt Kings in time-honored fashion in the latest installment of the Greenville Scholastic Open chess tournament! The leaders after five rounds were, in tie-break order,:
            K-12: Michael Burrell & Aditya Dias (4.0), Aidan Fejzulai & Alex Moreno (3.5)
            K-8:    Toby Cox (5.0), Allen Hong (4.0), Isha Pattanaik (2.5)
            K-6:   Rahul Rangaraju (5.0), Suvan Pattanaik & James Sarasua (3.5)
            K-4:  Grisham Paimagam (5.0), Olivia Watkins & Elisha Venegas (3.0)
            K-2:  Parijat Majumdar (4.0), Daryl Dowty III (3.5), Caton Tsao (3.0)
            (K-4 & K-2 were combined into a common section).
Special honorable mention goes to Matthew Peterson (2.5) and Blake Watkins (0.5), a couple of four-year-olds who both exceeded expectations in completing the five-game schedule!  At age four, I thought pawns turned around and came back upon reaching the eighth rank.
In addition to the wonderfully supportive family members who teach their children to play chess and give their time to bring them to events, grateful thanks go to Mr. Will Brown, Ms. Marlana Burrell, Michael Burrell, Aidan Fejzulai, and Mr. Tim Rankin for setting up the playing hall Friday afternoon, and to Dr. Wayne Goddard, Life Master Klaus Pohl, Mr. Brown (again) and Mr. Rankin (again) for their enthusiastic and patient work as floor TDs, and to Mr. Drew Plyler for traveling from Columbia with clocks and for serving as the primary Assistant TD.  Additionally, Mr. Kevin Hyde provided chess sets, and Mr. Wendell Burnett provided extra equipment, and many parents assisted in putting away the equipment, chairs and tables upon completion of round five.  Precision Tune Auto Care, through the good offices of SCCA President David Grimaud, sponsored GSO 2015 in conjunction with the Greenville Chess Club.  Local TD Gene Nix organized and directed.

Gene Nix
Greenville Chess Club President

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Border Battle 2015 Results! North Carolina Wins


With perfect weather and state pride on the line, chess players from SC travelled to the impressive Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy on Saturday May 30th for their 2-day four round annual rivalry match against NC. Despite being a slight underdog, the SC squad was motivated early after taking the first round lead 7/5. NC players then turned the tables and never looked back. NC claimed all three of the remaining rounds (7.5/4.5, 7/5, 7/5) thereby clenching the title with the final score NC 26.5 - SC 21.5. In the Championship section, (NC) NM Chris Mabe (2281) managed to get a big win over (SC) Wayne Christensen (2110) in the first round. Chris then managed to hold Wayne to draws in the remaining three rounds giving Chris the clear one point win. Congratulations NC players on winning the Border Battle Challenge for 2015!! Congratulations Mike Boone of Greenwood SC for going undefeated (4.0) in C class!!! Special thanks to SC players David Gongre and Paul Pena for playing on such short notice!! Thank you NM Peter Giannotos and the CCCSA for hosting the event!!! Thanks again to SCCA President David Grimaud, VP Daniel Smith, and to all players making the trip and supporting chess in the Carolinas!!!

Section winners:
Championship: (NC) NM Chris Mabe  (2.5), Expert: (NC) Jonathan McNeil (3.5), Class A: (NC) Bobby Waddell (2.5),  Class B: (SC) Brandon Alverson (2.5)/  (NC) Vishnu Vanapalli (2.5),  Class C: (SC) Mike Boone (4.0), Class D: (NC) Sathvik Chatta (3.5), Class E: (NC) Triyakshari Venkataraja (3.0)

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USCF Memberships Increase in South Carolina! USCF to Recognize at US Open Awards Luncheon!

Chess is indeed growing in South Carolina! USCF memberships were up 23% in 2014 placing our State 3rd nationally in the USCF's Membership Appreciation Program (Percentage Gain Category). The USCF will be presenting an award in honor of SC's achievement at the 2015 US Open Awards Luncheon on August 8, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ. This is quite an honor for our State and we would like to particularly thank those of you who became USCF members in 2014!  Thank you SCCA officers, volunteers, all players, family and friends for your hard work and tireless commitment to promoting chess in South Carolina! Without you, none of this would be possible. 
Click here to download and view the Awards Letter from the USCF. 

Patrick Hart Memorial Scholastic

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, the Charleston Chess Club hosted the 10th annual Patrick Hart Memorial Scholastic at Pinckney Elementary in Mt. Pleasant, SC. With 69 players attending, this was the largest scholastic chess tournament ever held in Charleston in recent years. Robert Hylton took 1st in the K-12 division with 3.5 points while Paul Pena and Walker Bauknight both earned a full 4 points to win the K-8 and K-5 divisions respectively.  The K-3 division ended in computer tie break with Shiv Mehta and William Barnes both earning 3.5, drawing each other in round 3. Shiv Mehta won the 1st place trophy on a tiebreak.


GSSM January Open

On January 17, seventeen players contested the five-round January Open at the Governor's School for Science and Math (GSSM) in Hartsville. Chris Lebrecque of Irmo won clear first place with 4.5, his record blemished only by a last-round draw with Stephen Morales of Wilmington. GSSM alum Jordan Anderson of Columbia and Tony Cato of Pageland shared second place with 4.0. Jordan was chief TD for the day, assisted by fellow GSSM alum Carl Garris of Chapin. The top unrated player in the field was Blaise Haddock of Florence, his three points including a first-round victory over Tony.